I was a very heavy smoker – averaged 50 a day for many years

My breathing was laboured & I was constantly getting colds & chest infections. I’d wake up in the night gasping for breath & when I got up, I’d cough until I was almost sick.My bank balance was also suffering badly. I tried just about everything to either give up or at least cut down, but nothing worked.

I bought my first e-cig (a ciggy lookalike), over 7 years ago. I instantly cut down to on average 10 a day. After some upgrades I cut down to 2 a day & was more than happy with that. Then one day, I suddenly realised I was no longer enjoying those 2 cigs & infact, hated the smell of them.

How has vaping effected me? – it’s given me my life back. I can now breath so easily, no longer wake up in the night gasping for breath or coughing my guts up when I get up. I hardly ever get a cold & no chest infections. Plus I have saved a small fortune