I am a 59 year old ex smoker.I started smoking at around 12 years old.
My form of addiction was White Ox tobacco . I would easily go through 3 or 4 , 50 gram packs a week.
I had to smoke White Ox as it was the only tobacco that I could actually “taste”,if a friend offered me a tailor made I would refuse as it was a waste of time.
Yes before switching to ryo I did smoke tailor mades for many ,many years but was starting to get no satisfaction from them but still had to smoke.

I work for a rail company in the stores area.
One day a courier driver showed me his ego set up and advised that he had cut down smoking heaps by using it.
This was the turning point in my life.

I had already tried to quit smoking so many times over the years and all had failed.
Yes I had tried Champix , patches and all the stuff offered by Quitline and some others including hypnosis but all have proved useless over time.
Twice I managed to stop for eight month stints.

I purchased a similar set up to what the courier driver had and anxiously waited for delivery.
From the moment my first kit arrived and was charged I have not touched one stinking,death wrapped cigarette.

Soon after this I discovered AVF with all it’s advice and helpful members. Yes I still go there now and again.
I now consider Vaper Cafe my home as I want to poke the bloody bear when possible.
I have progressed to gen 3 PVs and rebuildable atties and at this stage have found nirvana.
After over two years of being smoke free I have no plans to stop vaping. I may do in the future but part of this working is the actions involved.It feels and looks like smoking .ie all the habits that take some of the stress from life.
My health is gradually getting better.My taste and smell has returned ( and I no longer smell like an ashtray )

To anyone that reads this YOU CAN GIVE SMOKING THE FLICK by vaping.

Do not let scaremongering by self interest groups put you off.
Big Tobacco and Big Pharma (read into this so called health experts as well ) have shown their true colours re vaping.
Big Tobacco is getting into them as their sales of tobacco plummets.
Big Pharma are very worried they will lose millions from the sale of their virtually crap nicotine replacement therapies.(the same nicotine we use in our vaporisers)
Governments. Well they will lose the tax from cigarettes, tax from nicotine replacement therapies and hell they do not want us to actually enjoy our lives ! do they ?

As others have stated.

Jerry Hatrick aka Bruce in Esperance,Western Australia