Why did you start vaping ?

I started smoking again 2yrs ago and was hiding it from my husband, I wanted to quit and discovered a vaping kit in my local petrol station a year ago, 15 wks ago I bought an istick 30w and a nautilus mini, best buy ever oh and my husband still doesn’t know ! Lol

How long have you been a vaper?
For just over a year now

Are you a smoker, an ex-smoker or a non smoker?

As of 15 weeks ago, I am an ex smoker,
My dad had a heart attack and needed a triple bypass, he was smoking 40 a day for over 40 yrs and hasn’t had a cig since so I also stopped so he wouldn’t start again Smiling

How has vaping effected you ?
I feel much better for it, my skin is brighter, hair nicer and by vaping when I quit stinky’s, I’ve not gained any weight as I’m not replacing a cig with food