Brian Dawn

My story is very simple. I smoked for 30 years. I tried an ordinary cigarette lookalike e-cig about a year ago out of curiosity. Hated it, did not want to give up anyway, so thought nothing more of it .

4 months ago, someone allowed me try their proper battery powered refillable atomiser. I liked it, so bought one, not intending to give up real smokes at all. However, after a week I was no longer smoking real cigarettes.

Have now been off the smokes altogether for over 2 months. Feel much better, can taste things better, breathing is easier, I no longer get constant colds. I’m now starting to cut down on the nicotine content, too, so easy to do with vaping.

I’ve become a total convert to not smoking.

This happened to a totally unrepentant smoker, and it happened because products like atomisers and e-juice are still available in such variety and at such a relatively low cost.

Also, I found there is a big web community out there who supported me every step.of the way in my journey from smoking to not smoking.

I am mystified as to why legislators are not actively promoting this.