Brian Coe

Well I started smoking when I was 32 but had dabbled with the occasional smoke in my younger years too, in 2004 I decided I wanted to try and give up smoking and tried NRT patches and gum , I did manage to stop for around 4 months at the time but as my body got used to the patches I found myself smoking at the same time which is not ideal, before I new it I was back to smoking and smoking around 30 roll ups a day.
Around 2008 I had heard on the news or paper about E cigarettes and always thought I wonder if this would get around the new smoking ban but anyway I didn’t bother and continued to smoke.
In 2012 I was at work and saw this guy had a strange looking object in his hand which turned out to be an E cigarette, I recall saying to him, isn’t that just swapping one habit to another ! He offered me to try it on a number of occasions but I refused, I did however have those thoughts in my mind about it and wondered if it would work!
So on September 14th 2013 I decided to try my first Ecigarette , it was a Ibreathe Kit which was a CE5 tank and an Ego battery that came with a charger , I bought numerous flavours at 18 and 24mg.
So I had the weekend to have a good go at it, on 16th September 2013 I was starting to enjoy Vaping and smoking less , I was back at work two days after being my E cigarette and I had a very small amount of tobacco left over, so I smoked then vaped until it was gone but by then I was starting to dislike the taste of smoke and loving the flavour of my E cigarette and so from that day September 16th 2013 I have only vaped since and never smoked, my nicotine requirements went from 24mg to 18mg pretty quick , I was on 12 mg for quite a while and this year I went down to 6mg and now currently 3mg.
I used to wheeze a lot and cough a lot when I used to smoke, now thanks to this great invention I no longer do and feel far better for it and I can taste my food better.
Vaping may just have prolonged my life.