I started smoking when I was about 13 years old and smoked for around 30 years
I was a keen boxer and I used to train 6 or 7 days a week as well as running approximately 7 miles a day until my mid to late 20s
I never had any problems with my breathing and at the time I would have said I was fitter than 90% of non smokers
as the training stopped and I got older the cigs began to catch up with me
I am a carpenter so have a reasonably active job , I was finding myself getting short of breath and that concerned me
I knew if I didn’t stop smoking it would end up killing me
I had stopped smoking a few times before for a week or so but failed every time when I went to the pub
the more drinks I had the lower my willpower went and I always ended up with a cig in my mouth at the end of the night
a pal of mine gave me my first ecig as he had upgraded his equipment
I was working in Manchester and as I drove up there I ran out of backy and decided to give the ecig a go
I was sceptical it would work and thought to myself I will try and go all day without a cig
it was easier than I expected and I sailed through the day without thinking to much about having a cig
that night we all went on the piss
this was the real test for me , I went all night without smoking and without it bothering me
the next morning I was 24 hour smoke free and I knew that vaping was for me
I have been smoke free now for over 2 years
vaping has now become a big part of my life
I love tinkering with my attys and going in the garage to try and make myself a mod or knocking some juice up
I enjoy coming on here reading everyones posts and finding out whats new on the market
if it wasn’t for this forum I would still be vaping but I wouldn’t know a tenth of what I know and the vaping journey wouldn’t have been as enjoyable
my advice to anyone thinking of stopping smoking is give vaping a try