Bob Pearson

I am 60 years old and had been smoking for 44 of those years. I have clogged arteries due to smoking and have had two stents fitted. I was very highly motivated to quit when the stents were fitted. Tried patches, gum, inhalers, hypnotism and a very expensive self help course.

I was so desperate to quit that I got very depressed, my family suffered and it was hell for a time. Nothing seemed to help me quit, I was pretty desperate, my breathing was poor, constant wheezing through the night & permanently cold feet & hands.

A friend at work encouraged me to try an ecig, a cigalike device. I did manage to cut down on the real ones for a time, but still couldn’t break the habit. However, I did a lot of research, joined some onllne forums & facebook groups. Discovered the 3rd generation devices & stopped smoking immediately, haven’t had a cigarette since. In the end it was easy.

I am now a vaper, I have dropped my nicotine dosage & make my own flavoured ejuice. I have a variety of devices & am always looking for the next innovation in this fascinating and life saving technology.

I can now breathe easily, I am fitter, my circulation is vastly improved and I don’t smell of tobacco. I have at least 10 friends that have also quit using the latest generation of devices.

These things are life savers & should be encouraged at every opportunity