I smoked from the ages of 17 to 34. I dscovered vaping through a friend. On initial media research I was scared to even touch any kind of vaping device, but after doing my own independent research on vaping devices, I was certainly more educated and realised all the horror and shock stories in the media were self inflicted, or idiots trying to make a quick buck.
I’ve been vaping 5 years now and I cannot tell you how much better I feel for making the change. It isn’t a pseudo effect, I can confirm it is genuine. I can walk up and down stairs without being out of breath for starters. I don’t stink like and old ashtray either!
I agree that there should be restrictions on it being only „adults“ or people of a „responsible age“ who can purchase and own these products. They are not toys or games consoles. These devices can hold 20amps plus of power, so some resposibility and understanding is required. However, don’t let the „high amps“ affect your view. You have light switches and mains sockets in your house right? there are accidents by negligence or stupidity with those, yet I don’t hear of anyone protesting to „ban switches and sockets in the home“.
Smoking cigarettes uses flames (fire), which when put to tobacco and other chemicals in the filter, thousands of poisonous carcinogens are released. Both into your body and into the body of those surrounding the smoker.
Vaping does not use any form of combustion. The only possible „dangerous“ chemical used in the e-liquid is nicotine. This, thanks to tpd regulation, is being controlled, however there is no „passive“ damage caused to those around you when vaping. The Royal College was asked to do their utmost to prove that vaping was in fact more dangerous than smoking and the best they could come up with after prolonged testing was that vaping is 95% SAFER than smoking. I believe the precentage will rise over time too.
I am forever greatful to vaping products. I suffer greatly with anxiety and depression and ciggarettes were my fix for nicotine. Despite the cancer warnings and numerous other deadly disseases and illnesses it creates, I had no alternative.
Now I have been vaping for 5 years my quality of life is so much better. I even found it has improved my asthma (thanks to the pg no doubt). I really love to get my nicotine fix SAFELY with whatever flavour I choose. It is the flavours that mainly keep me vaping. Cigarrettes taste disgusting now, quitting sprays taste foul and actually make my asthma worse, plus my anxiety increases to unsafe levels.
Rather than keep attempting to stop vaping, why not concentrate instead on banning smoking and tobacco products. Nicotine is not a tobacco product, vaping IS NOT SMOKING.
There will always be idiots in the world. underage people will always push their luck and try their hardest to get what they are not allowed and morons will always spew out untrue facts on something they don’t know about. Why prevent those people who are benefitting from it and using products correctly from doing something healthy to improve their life style?
In any case I would far rather someone picked up a vape device than a lighter and ciggarettes any day of the week. They will put less burden on doctors and nurses and give those professionals more time to treat those whome really need help.
By all means help us to stop poor products hitting the market, help us keep underage people from buying devices, help us to keep vaping products safe, but to do not take them or the many flavours away.
If it wasn’t for vaping, my health would be very very low right now. Using up resources and people’s time. Thanks to vaping, those beds and professionals are able to have their time free to treat people that really need help.