Ben Halliday

I’d almost entirely stopped smoking, then met my wife-to-be who was a pack a day (straights). Within a few months I was consistantly stealing ciggies in the evenings. One morning I had the day off, started looking around at these new vape „pens“ that were available, called smokshop when they were a warehouse in cromer and bought an evod kit with a spinner and some 6mg. Used that for a good 8 months till I got an MVP, then a smok mech thing and a VTR. Eventually wife-to-be wanted off the fags so I bought her a pink provari (and myself a red one). We used protanks and aerotanks with rebuilt coils (fiddly fucking job). We married, still using our provaris as the daily drivers. Took an MVP 2 on honeymoon each with an aerotank mega.

When I got back I wanted to try rebuilding so bought a few drippers, then a massive blur in my life, my credit card hurts and everywhere I look is a box mod or an atomiser…. That’s pretty much it!