Started smoking when I was 11 and smoked for 41 years. In my twenties I was smoking 60 to 80 fags a day and about 40 a day when I stopped. In December 2013 I went to see my Doc about a severe leg pain, she diagnosed peripheral vascular disease and said I had no pulse in leg artery. Saw consultant next day and he said that I needed arterial bypass immediately or lose my right leg. I still carried on smoking and it caused the arterial grafts to fail meaning several operations. In October last year I had to have the grafts replaced again but with artificial tubing, so to have the op my warfarin had to be reversed. Then, for me, the scary bit happened. I had three ops in 2 days because of 2 blood clots that developed and this brought about a stroke. Now the thought of dying doesn’t trouble me much but losin my faculties does and I have very slight brain damage now. Right after the stroke I had to be fed washed and have my arse wiped. I felt 2 years old and was deeply ashamed of myself even though I’d done no wrong. I would hate to be that way permanently so I started vaping. Unlike others I still love smoking and could take up where I left off no problem but I will pay a heavy price for it. Most of the damage I have done is irreversible and I’ve probably got 10 years at most and at some point both of my legs could be amputated. But I did this to myself and blame nobody else.
Ashley G 53 Guildford