Andy Leach

My name is Andy Leach, I gave up smoking cold turkey after unsuccessful attempts with all of the available NRT, patches, gum, Inhilators and my final attempt was with Zyban. None of it worked, Zyban was the worst, I could feel it blocking the receptors in my brain. Zyban sent me crazy in just 3 days. I stopped taking it and I noticed my combustible tobacco consumption doubled. I had to give up because my partner and I were going through a treatment and I wanted to give it the best shot possible. I quit cold turkey for over 2 years and I took up mountain biking riding every weekend in the afan valley, forest of dean and Brechfa forest. I could climb like a goat and was really happy to not smoke. Treatment didn’t work sadly and I started smoking again I used it as a crutch, that crutch in six weeks went from ten cigarettes a day to 20 cigarettes and 12.5 grams of tobacco a day. I knew it was effecting me badly because my mountain biking suffered, the goat turned into a sloth. Luckily for me I knew a vaper his name is Julian. I contacted by Facebook and asked for his help. Julian sent me lots of links and I chose to speak to Daz Burns at Safercigs on the phone. Back then there were no b and m’s in Swansea so it was online. I checked out Daz’s website and spoke to him on the phone. I chose to buy a double ego t kit I think it was an apoloe ap580l. Right from the first inhale I knew I would be a vaper. I didn’t really get heavily involved with the scene until I met a guy called Richard who runs Vibrant Vapours, he opened the first Vaping Coffee lounge in the UK I believe and I used to go down there relax vape and drink coffee. I got on well with Richard back in the day and he offered me a job because the business was expanding. I jumped at the chance. I had already started sourcing things for Richard and thanks to Phil Busardo’s video of the SVD I encouraged him to bring that into the country. I think we were one of only two vendors back then to stock Innokin products. Anyway I digress. I no longer work in the business because I went back to working in mental health. All I’ll say is I believe that I worked very very hard to help create VV. Well I started vaping July 2012 and along the way there have been some very furious twitter bashing going on. I haven’t had a combustible tobacco product since July 2012. The market has changed massively in such a short period of time and it’s all for the good. I fear that the UK government has a plan thougj and this will play into the hands of the multinationals. Big Pharma and Big Tobacco stand to gain a lot from the implementation of article 20 of the TPD. The fact that the MHRA is in charge of implementation in my mind means only one thing. I hope I am wrong because it would be a travesty of justice and morally incomprehensible for our governments to put profit and population control before life.
You know I had double pneumonia back in 2005 and had a constant pain in my left lung when I smoked and when I quit. With vaping I don’t have that pain. That is the proof I need to keep me away from combustible tobacco.
P.s. treatment finally worked and I hope my kids don’t have to grow up in a world that allows cigarettes and has eradicated HOPE AND CHOICE!