I am a medical student in the last year, well aware of the dangers of smoking. However, I was never been able to quit, despite many attempts with cold turkey or nicotine gum replacement therapy. I smoked for 10 years, a pack a day, reds. A long standing friend of mine, a doctor of family medicine, told me about how he was able to quit smoking with vaping. After watching plenty of YouTube videos and reading European articles on the subject, I decided to give it a try. To my amazement, the day I bought a refillable pod system, and honey flavored 20 mg/ml nic salts, I quit smoking. I never thought that would be possible. I have been cigarette free for 1 month and a week. I am not out of breath anymore when riding my bicycle or climbing stairs, i don’t smell bad, I don’t have headaches anymore, i do not wake up feeling tired and coughing. Every single aspect of cigarettes that was negatively impacting my life due to cigarettes is now gone. I wish I had discovered vaping 10 years ago.
I find it criminal the way US media and some doctors are addressing Vaping. For even someone without a medical degree, 30 mins of googling the actual facts, or simply fact checking the articles mentioned by the news could immediately show how wrong, biased and misinformed the media, health professionals, politicians and general public are (mostly).
And here I am, in Europe, sometimes hearing: are you vaping? Have you heard the news? Yes. And I proceed to explain the scientifically proven benefits of vaping over traditional cigarettes as a means of harm reduction. Science first. Always.