Alun Severn

Alun Severn, 61, Sandwell (just outside Birmingham). Smoker since the age of about 14 — about 46 years or so. I always as heavily as time permitted. Switched to roll-ups (unfiltered) in 1985 and that’s what i smoked until the 31st Dec 2014. On that day i smoked my last roll-up on the way to the shop to buy a starter kit. Eight months later and i haven’t touched a single cigarette. My health feels generally improved — a bit more energy, less coughing, a generally less seedy feeling in the morning (although as i suffer from chronic back ache / back pain, i am never going to feel great in the mornings).

Incidentally, i have never tried to stop smoking before – not even to cut down. In that sense i was a committed smoker, even a militant one.

If you *want* to stop smoking, vaping is *the* method with the best chance of success.