Ali Howard

41 year old and 25 years as a smoker, I’ve tried to quit on numerous times but always failed I even carried on smoking even when diagnosed with cancer in 2008 (i just thought at least it isn’t lung cancer and carried on regardless). I reached 40 years old did the maths and thought I really need to quit smoking so in Dec 2013 I bought a evod kit and promptly induced a failed attempt into quitting, the juices weren’t great and the kit was weedy so back to rollies I went, so the evod didn’t really work for me however time moved an and so did the choices of juice, mods and tanks and I tried again and bought a mvp2 and mini nautilus on the 4th September 2014 almost 1 year in now and no cigarettes in that time, in fact I don’t want one, I’m a happy vaper..