Alexander N.

After using Swedish snus from the age of 13 and cigarettes from, let’s say, 14 or 15 simultaneously, I found vaping at the age of 21. Swedish snus are supposedly not nearly as harmful as combusted tobacco, but I am still happy to say I am 100% tobacco free at the age of 22. It’s taken me a little bit and I use my electronic cigarette combined with nicotine free pouches containing ginseng and flavorings simulating the feeling of snus.

My method of a tobacco free life contains a regulated vaporizer, an iStick 30W with a rebuildable tank on top of it. The saying is true, in terms of vaping, that different strokes are for different folks. Some will want a mouth-to-lung hit provided by something like a simple starter kit and that’ll be enough for them. For me, that was not the case and I like to sit at around 1 ohm and do lung hits.

I did use both a vaporizer and snus for some time, because essentially I wanted to just quit smoking. But after a while I realized that it is fully possible to quit using snus as well thanks to e-cigarettes and so I began my journey. I sold my last few cans of regular tobacco snus and bought some nicotine free non-tobacco snus to reproduce the sensation. As of right now, I am trying hard to cut down on the amount of pouches I use each day and want to claim that I’m doing pretty well. To me, it’s not so much about the nicotine, but rather the feeling of something under my lip. I struggle to believe that nicotine that is not blended with all the chemicals added to cigarettes is very addictive. But I like to have a little bit of it in my vape for the soothing effect that it obviously has. But I have been completely nicotine free for long periods of time while using these nicotine free pouches and my vaporizer as well, and felt no craving what so ever.

Before going to these lengths, I tried to quite snus cold turkey. Needless to say, that lasted about a total of 9 hours before I went back to it. With vaping I can easily go 12+ hours without anything under my lip, not to mention no tobacco.

Since I quit smoking and started vaping, I have noticed a clear difference in the noise I make when I breathe. I used to have this heavy panting noise when breathing, but I no longer do. This, to me, shows me that something has changed for the better in terms of lung cleanliness. Also, after quitting tobacco snus, I have to clear my throat far less than before. I also no longer have a brown tongue, which did look really disgusting and smelled accordingly. Now I just smell of menthol and strawberries, so I can’t complain about that.

I have seen many friends of mine who have smoked for 20-40 years go from smoking a pack or two a day to a cigarette or two a day thanks to vaping. I hope for the life of me that me and my friends will be able to see these changes in the future as well. It would be an utter shame for any government to ban or regulate e-cigarettes out of use. It would show a lack of respect for human life and nothing but greed for money.

I truly hope that many people will share their stories with the rest of us. And I sincerely hope that people in power will come to their senses on the topic. This should not be a concern with money. This should be a concern with human health.

Thank you for reading.