I started smoking when I was at a very young age, I did it just cuz every other kid did it and I thought it looked cool, I smoked my first cigarette at a small party and after I got hooked. I was smoking for about 2 years. not a lot time but I could still feel the impact on my health. I couldn’t wake up without having different gunk building up in my throat and coughing like I was sick. One of my lungs was hurting constantly but I just couldn’t quit. Then I bought one of those little ego style batteries and some strong e-liquid (18mg/ml). Even doe I had the vape but I just didn’t feel like it was enough so I started to smoke and vape. After some time I thought about buying a mod and I was looking for a good starter one so I bought an iStick 50w with a subtank mini.Vaping it was enough for me to quit. After a month and a half of vaping without smoking normal cigarettes I stopped waking up with a bunch of gunk in my throat and my lung didn’t hurt at all. Its been a year and a half since I fully stopped smoking and I already upgraded to an Rx200 from wismec and bought a velocity RDA. Right now I only vape liquids with no nicotine or low doses of nicotine. I can diffidently say that turning from smoking to vaping had a huge impact on my life. All of those lung pains, horrible smells, gunk in my throat and lungs, horrible flavor that stayed with me the whole day are gone. I can say that the only bad things that happened after I stopped smoking are me wasting my time watching videos about different vape devices, coil builds, and probably buying every type of e-liquid from a vape shop to try how they taste like since sometimes the flavors are not that good.