Alan Tickhill

I was a smoker from the age of 18 through to 42 and tried many times to quit. I tried everything from cold turkey to patches, gum and even cigalikes but nothing worked. In January 2014 I bought my first proper vaporiser, a CE4 starter kit from Socialites (costing £39 including a whopping 15ml of juice!). On Jan 25th, 2014 I smoked what turned out to be my last cigarette. I started on 24mg (2.4) nicotine liquid (water melon) and found it a bit of a struggle but it was working. After talking to someone at work, I quickly moved up to better gear, a Kanger Pro Tank 2 and a Vamo V5 battery. I found this to work a lot better and enabled me to start dropping the nic levels. Since then, I have moved to better and better gear, box mods, rebuildable tanks and drippers and now make my own juice. The better gear has enabled me further to drop nic levels to present day where I vape 2mg (0.2).