Alan Beard

Hiya, Was a 40/day smoker over 45 years guy here, I had made a series of fruitless,maybe half-hearted attempts to quit over a 10 year period with NRT(Nicotine Replacement Therapy) using patches,sprays,gum even medication (Champix),hypnotherapy and the Allen Carr book – none worked for me

Purely by chance I was reading on a non-Vaping related forum the story of one mans transition over a month from smoking to Vaping. This was enough to make me curious to find out more and after joining a Vaping forum where some great friendly advice was obtained I purchased a simple eGo style kit from a reputable online dealer

The transition from smoking to Vaping was easily achieved within about 2 days using 2 or 3 different flavours,this was Febuary 2013 and since that date I have never touched or thought of smoking another cigarette.

The only negative I have experienced over the 30 or so months has been the continual negativity from various Public Health bodies and of course the dogs dinner of regulation that is the upcoming TPD due in May 2016. It is truly bizarre that an appreciably safer product could be effectively outlawed by ill thought out regulation brought forward by clueless regulators who ignored the informed science. Like most experienced vapers I can probably survive the restrictions to be imposed, but how much harder will it be for newbies or smokers yet to transition? its madness!