Hans-Peter Albrecht, Kassel, Germany

I had been smoking a pack a day for 40 years, had tried to quit unsuccessfully numerous times cold-turkey, with patches, with „will-power“. The more attempts the more humiliating it became.
Then vaping came along in 2016. After a short transition time I became smoke-free for good. I couldn’t believe how easy, it was(is). I started using 16mg nicotine and now I’m down to 6mg, favouring fruit-flavoured e-liquids
I still remember the first weeks after switching completely. I would go to sleep and be looking forward to the next morning knowing that I had finally been able to kick the deadly habit – even in an enjoyable, massively less harmful way.
This experience has been extremely empowering for me and inspires me to share it, especially to smokers.
Personal outcomes: better tasting ability, no more coughing, improved fitness, even observed less respirators infections since then.
I would encourage any smoker to give vaping a try (if other quit methods haven’t worked) following the principle:
„Alles kann, nichts muss“(German saying).


I have been smoking for 35 years and started vaping about 6 years ago.
I am one of the lucky ones, have been able to do the switch without double use and never ever smoke since.
I use a normal atomizer and a very normal and cheap box, nothing fancy because i enjoyed mixing my own juice switching to a safer choice and knowing exactly what I vape.
I already tried to quit.. several times, unfortunately sooner or later I just went back to smoking, too big headed and always thought: I can manage to just smoke one on Saturday with my mates or things like if he can do it why can’t I? switched to pipe cigars, the lot , cigars and cigarettes, I really couldn’t give up, but started to have problems even going up the stairs, you know.. the heart, heavy breathing and feeling oddly tired, but I loved smoking.
My son one evening came home with one of those vaping pens with some menthol vape in it I tried it and thought, well I could give up with this, couple of days after I went to a Vape shop and bought my first gear, 6 years ago in vaping its ages and it wasn’t like today, you just had either this or that or those expensive ones.. Why not try and that’s what I did, I like it and for the first week I promised to myself just to use that, but didn’t miss the cigarettes, the week after I bought one of those expensive ones so that I won’t fall back till I get my money worth, but at the end I never went back to smoking EVER, I feel better, no more heavy breathing, smell, taste heart beat everything went back to normal thanks to vaping!! Do I vape today? Of course I do, but I know that I would go back to smoking if I didn’t have this, so please leave it as a free smoke and effective alternative, it saved my life I would have never be able to give up smoking cancer sticks. Frank

Daniela Weber

I did smoke for over 35 years. I quit smoking on August 1st in 2017. I started vaping August 2nd in 2017. My first e-cigarette was an AIO- device. Now build my own Coils and DIY. I vape MTL 6mg nic and DL 3mg nicotine. I never smoked a combustible cigarette again since I vape. Before vaping I tried to quit smoking many times. The longest was 11 days without a cigarette. With the e-cigarette it was so easy for me. One day smoker, the next day vaper.
I am healthy now. I can take stairs without coughing my lungs out. I can smell and taste better. And I don’t stink like an ashtray. And my sons don’t have to worry anymore me getting lungcancer. They are proud of me and so am I.


I am a medical student in the last year, well aware of the dangers of smoking. However, I was never been able to quit, despite many attempts with cold turkey or nicotine gum replacement therapy. I smoked for 10 years, a pack a day, reds. A long standing friend of mine, a doctor of family medicine, told me about how he was able to quit smoking with vaping. After watching plenty of YouTube videos and reading European articles on the subject, I decided to give it a try. To my amazement, the day I bought a refillable pod system, and honey flavored 20 mg/ml nic salts, I quit smoking. I never thought that would be possible. I have been cigarette free for 1 month and a week. I am not out of breath anymore when riding my bicycle or climbing stairs, i don’t smell bad, I don’t have headaches anymore, i do not wake up feeling tired and coughing. Every single aspect of cigarettes that was negatively impacting my life due to cigarettes is now gone. I wish I had discovered vaping 10 years ago.
I find it criminal the way US media and some doctors are addressing Vaping. For even someone without a medical degree, 30 mins of googling the actual facts, or simply fact checking the articles mentioned by the news could immediately show how wrong, biased and misinformed the media, health professionals, politicians and general public are (mostly).
And here I am, in Europe, sometimes hearing: are you vaping? Have you heard the news? Yes. And I proceed to explain the scientifically proven benefits of vaping over traditional cigarettes as a means of harm reduction. Science first. Always.

Micault Pierre

Après 18 ans de tabagisme et de multiples tentatives d’arrêt par patch et gommes, voilà 3 ans que je n’ai pas fumer grâce à la vape.

J’ai obtenu dans les boutiques spécialisées d’excellent conseil sur le matériel et sur la composition des liquides, même en ayant fais de mon côté des recherches sur internet via des forums, sur youtube etc.. la boutique m’a conforté dans mes dernières questions.

Ma première box était une Joyetech Evic VTC mini (que je possède et utilise toujours par moment), et mon premier atomiseur était un Aspire Nautilus mini.

Mon premier e-liquid était un arôme de tabac blond RY4, durant les deux premiers mois alors que chaque semaines je reduisais d’une cigarette ma consomation quotidienne, remplaçant par la vape la/les cigarettes que je ne fumais plus.

Puis dès le jour ou je suis arrivé à 0 cigarette, j’ai aussi voulu me détacher du goût du tabac, passant alors sur du Heisenberg, un fruité frais.

Depuis mes goûts sont multiples en terme de saveurs, des fruités, des gâteaux, des tartes.

J’ai commencer au maximum de nicotine de 20mg/ml et descendu progressivement à 3mg.

Depuis que je vape mon médecin traitant à constater une amélioration de ma respiration, de ma pression sanguine.
J’ai moi même constater celà ainsi qu’une moindre tendance à tomber malade en hiver avec les rhumes/bronchites/sinusites, moins souvent, moins longtemps, moins gravement.

Je suis toujours vapoteur pour le moment mais une chose est sûr, je suis ex fumeur définitivement.

Clouds Inspected

I smoked cigarettes for 28 years. Finally I ended in hospital with a heart attack. They’ve done a great job there. Otherwise I won’t be on earth anymore. Five years ago I switched to vaping. Because of all the medical issues I have to go to hospital every half years to check my lungs and my heart function. And believe it or not it is getting much better since I vape. Also I safe tons of money and my wife and my son are glad because I’m not stinking anymore. I do a lot of research and never heard of minors do stealth vaping at school or something like that. And if they do they also will hide somewhere and smoke cigarettes if there is no vaping. They gonna take mint drops and clean their hands before going back to school. Nobody’s gonna stop this. With or without vaping. It’s the forbidden things making youth life more exciting anyway for some of em.


Ich habe vom Alter 17 bis 52 täglich mit kurzen Unterbrechnungen ca. 15-20 Zigaretten geraucht.
Umgestiegen im FrühJahr 2016.
Seitdem keine Zigaretten/keinen Tabak mehr konsumiert.
In der Zeit von 9 mg auf 2-3 mg (DTL – Direct-To-Lung) Nikotin heruntergefahren.
Gestartet mit der Joyetech ego one, nutze ich heute nur noch Selbstwickler (FEV, Corona v8, RDA‘s).

Gesundheitliche Verbesserungen:

  • nach vorher etwa 3-4 Erkältugen pro Jahr jetzt max. 1x
  • bessere Kondition
  • deutlich höhere Belastbarkeit.

Seit Dampfbeginn etwa 2.000 Euro gespart, trotz am Anfang vieler gekaufter Geräte.

Gruß Achim


Wie ich zum Dampfen gekommen bin?

Da das noch nicht sehr lange her ist, kann ich mich noch sehr gut daran erinnern
Heute, genau vor fünf Monaten (am 10.10.2018), bin ich zum Tabakladen meines Vertrauens und habe mir 2 Dosen Tabak gekauft und eine neue Drehmaschine, weil meine schon wieder recht zerfleddert war. Da stand ich dann mal wieder vor dem Regal mit den E-Zigaretten und habe mir die Aromen angeschaut. Sehr spontan habe ich um eine Beratung gebeten und prompt auch erhalten.

Ich habe mich dann entschieden so ein Teil mal mit zu nehmen. Also On-Top. Dass ich damit das Rauchen aufhören würde, habe ich nicht erwartet. Reduzieren wäre ja schon super!
So, da war sie nun. Meine erste E-Zigarette! Eine echte Ego Aio Pro von Joytech.

Was soll ich sagen, das Teil schmeckte! Ich zog den Tag über immer wieder daran und an diesem Tag rauchte ich nur mehr 15 – 18 Zigaretten, statt wie vorher etwa 40. Am Tag darauf waren es nur noch 8 und am nächsten nur noch eine. Vermisst habe ich nichts und gefehlt hat mir auch nichts. Das hat mich sehr gefreut. Es folgten weitere 4 Tage ganz ohne Zigarette.

Dann hatte ich plötzlich richtig Bock auf eine Zigarette. Da ich mich nicht unter Druck setzen wollte, habe ich mir eine gedreht, mich hin gesetzt und gezogen. Was war das ekelhaft! Mein heiß geliebter Tabak schmeckte überhaupt nicht mehr. Die Zigarette habe ich sehr schnell wieder ausgemacht und seit her auch keine mehr angefasst.
Ich hoffe dieses Erlebnis hat mich kuriert!

Gottseidank hat es mein Ehemann nach nur einer Woche ebenfalls probiert und wir sind jetzt beide Nichtraucher und wollen es auch bleiben. 😊

Gesundheitlich traten sehr schnell Veränderungen ein. Nach nur 3 Tagen roch ich auf einmal wie stark unser Leitungswasser nach Chlor riecht. Abends im Bett, pfiff die Lunge nicht mehr. Das Asthma Spray, welches vorher vor dem Schlafen so gut wie immer zum Einsatz kam, braucht keiner mehr. Die körperliche Belastbarkeit ist deutlich größer und das Beste:
Dieser ständige Gedanke, wann kann ich wieder eine rauchen… oder jetzt noch schnell eine rauchen, wer weiß wann ich wieder dazu komme, ist weg!

Ich habe vorher 30 Jahre, jede Menge und auch gerne geraucht. Es gab meinerseits nicht einen Versuch mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören. Ich wusste genau, solange ich es nicht will, wird es nicht funktionieren. Durch das Dampfen fehlt mir nichts und wir haben richtig Spass am Ausprobieren der verschiedenen Geschmäcker.


I smoked from the ages of 17 to 34. I dscovered vaping through a friend. On initial media research I was scared to even touch any kind of vaping device, but after doing my own independent research on vaping devices, I was certainly more educated and realised all the horror and shock stories in the media were self inflicted, or idiots trying to make a quick buck.
I’ve been vaping 5 years now and I cannot tell you how much better I feel for making the change. It isn’t a pseudo effect, I can confirm it is genuine. I can walk up and down stairs without being out of breath for starters. I don’t stink like and old ashtray either!
I agree that there should be restrictions on it being only „adults“ or people of a „responsible age“ who can purchase and own these products. They are not toys or games consoles. These devices can hold 20amps plus of power, so some resposibility and understanding is required. However, don’t let the „high amps“ affect your view. You have light switches and mains sockets in your house right? there are accidents by negligence or stupidity with those, yet I don’t hear of anyone protesting to „ban switches and sockets in the home“.
Smoking cigarettes uses flames (fire), which when put to tobacco and other chemicals in the filter, thousands of poisonous carcinogens are released. Both into your body and into the body of those surrounding the smoker.
Vaping does not use any form of combustion. The only possible „dangerous“ chemical used in the e-liquid is nicotine. This, thanks to tpd regulation, is being controlled, however there is no „passive“ damage caused to those around you when vaping. The Royal College was asked to do their utmost to prove that vaping was in fact more dangerous than smoking and the best they could come up with after prolonged testing was that vaping is 95% SAFER than smoking. I believe the precentage will rise over time too.
I am forever greatful to vaping products. I suffer greatly with anxiety and depression and ciggarettes were my fix for nicotine. Despite the cancer warnings and numerous other deadly disseases and illnesses it creates, I had no alternative.
Now I have been vaping for 5 years my quality of life is so much better. I even found it has improved my asthma (thanks to the pg no doubt). I really love to get my nicotine fix SAFELY with whatever flavour I choose. It is the flavours that mainly keep me vaping. Cigarrettes taste disgusting now, quitting sprays taste foul and actually make my asthma worse, plus my anxiety increases to unsafe levels.
Rather than keep attempting to stop vaping, why not concentrate instead on banning smoking and tobacco products. Nicotine is not a tobacco product, vaping IS NOT SMOKING.
There will always be idiots in the world. underage people will always push their luck and try their hardest to get what they are not allowed and morons will always spew out untrue facts on something they don’t know about. Why prevent those people who are benefitting from it and using products correctly from doing something healthy to improve their life style?
In any case I would far rather someone picked up a vape device than a lighter and ciggarettes any day of the week. They will put less burden on doctors and nurses and give those professionals more time to treat those whome really need help.
By all means help us to stop poor products hitting the market, help us keep underage people from buying devices, help us to keep vaping products safe, but to do not take them or the many flavours away.
If it wasn’t for vaping, my health would be very very low right now. Using up resources and people’s time. Thanks to vaping, those beds and professionals are able to have their time free to treat people that really need help.


I’ve been smoking for 23 years, and heavily for the last 5 years. It was dragging down my overall health but I couldn’t quit it, since I was addicted to smoking tobacco.

In June 2018, I bought a simple tube style e-cigarette kit with replacable coils for 20 Euros, along with some bottles of eliquid, and since that very day, I haven’t smoked a single cigarette, and don’t even think about smoking anymore. In the last 2,5 months I was even able to reduce the nicotine in my liquid to 1ml/mg without any drawbacks.

It is no exaggeration to say that this e-cigarette saved my life. I can breathe again, I can move better, I feel better, I don’t stink of smoke anymore, my living place doesn’t stink anymore… everything gets better. And it saves me money each month. A lot.

So whatever legislators are contemplating, do NOT make access, import, production of e-cigarette products and liquids more complicated or more expensive. If governments support it, it can be a health revolution for Europe, along with a healthy industry to create lots of new jobs.